Independent Cleaners VS Domestic Cleaning Companies – Which Works Best?

Independent Cleaners VS Domestic Cleaning Companies – Which Works Best?

Keeping the house clean is a must do for every homeowner. However, it requires a lot of time, energy and commitment. This is why most people with busy schedules prefer enlisting the help of cleaning specialists.

There are several domestic cleaning service providers that can help you with cleaning. Of these options, there are two popular choices- independent cleaners and domestic cleaning companies. This post will discuss the variation between their services, thus helping you choose one that works best for you.


We agree to the popular opinion that independent cleaners are relatively cheaper than residential cleaning companies. But when it comes to your home’s hygiene, there are more important things to consider other than price. And in most cases, the price reflects the quality of service you’ll receive.


One of the most important things to consider when hiring a domestic cleaner is trust. If you enlist the service of a cleaner you trust, then you will enjoy some peace of mind even when away. However, if you entrust the wrong person with your home, some things could go wrong.
If you prefer working with independent cleaners, then you have to run background checks before allowing them in your home. You might take a lot of time checking their records but still end up hiring a cleaner whose code of conduct is questionable.

On the other hand, domestic cleaning companies perform comprehensive background checks and proper screening during their onboarding process. This means hiring a reputable cleaning company like maidforever ensures your home and the valuables in it are in safe hands.


Before committing to a specific cleaner, you must be assured that their services are reliable. You want a cleaner whom you can depend on during emergencies. Imagine how it would feel if your independent cleaner got caught up and was unavailable for cleaning on a day you expected visitors the same evening? It would be messy and embarrassing. However, you can hire a domestic cleaning company and enjoy more reliable services. Their cleaning staff will always be available when needed.


A cleaning company sends a team of cleaning specialists to clean and organize your home. Each cleaner is well-trained on the best cleaning practices to ensure a thorough service. They also have the necessary cleaning equipment and can give every place the attention to detail it deserves. The supervisor or team leader also inspects your home to ensure it is indeed spotless.

On the other hand, independent cleaners also provide great service. However, in most cases, there are issues to do with quality, and you have to carry out the final inspection yourself. Moreover, it is difficult for independent cleaners to offer a service guarantee. This means you are not assured of getting a do-over if some areas are poorly attended.


Most homeowners neglect checking the insurance status of their cleaners. However, this is one thing that can save you unnecessary hassles at the least expected occurrences. For instance, if something gets damaged, goes missing, or the cleaner is injured while cleaning.

Most independent cleaners have no insurance, which means the homeowner is liable for damages that occur. However, a domestic cleaning company ensures their insurance covers all their stuff, so you need not worry about such complications.

The Maidforever Difference

Every homeowner has unique requirements and preferences when enlisting the help of a cleaning service. However, we believe you would not settle for less than you deserve. Maidforever offers the best and most reliable cleaning services to every client. Get in touch with us today and realize why many homeowners consider us their go-to cleaning service provider.