10 Tips To Have House Cleaned This Festive Season

It is quite common to postpone the cleaning plan when it comes to mustering our house for the festive season! Most people think that they can clean the entire mess in one go before Christmas arrives, and it is nothing less than a disaster.

You have to entertain some friends and guests that are planning to gather at your place, and it will surely leave a negative impact if your house is untidy and unclean.

Here are the top 10 tips you can follow to prepare your house this festive season. Make sure your home is clean before jingling the Christmas tree and bells.

Write It Down

Cleaning the entire house is not a joke, but you can make it easy with this simple tip. Walk around your home to check which areas need your attention. It will be a lot easier if you pen down these areas to ensure that none of this is left after the cleaning is done.

After making a list, gather all the family members, and distribute the tasks.  You will be surprised to see how cleaning becomes a fun activity when everyone is contributing to their efforts.

Start With Cleaning the Entry Way

The foremost thing about your home is the entryway, as every guest will arrive through the door. It is vital to clean the door so that the walkway looks neat and welcoming.  A dusty rug and a bunch of cobwebs are never a great idea to surprise your guests.

What you can do is clean the rugs and mats thoroughly while removing the cobwebs. Also, if you have grass around the entryway, make sure that it is looking tidy and even.

Eliminate Pet Hair Using Rubber Gloves

Living with pets is nothing less than a delight, but it a strenuous job when it comes to removing pet hair. If you have dogs and cats, then they will inevitably scatter their hair everywhere around in your home. The best way to clean the mess is by using some rubber gloves.

Rubberized gloves are ideal for cleaning pet hair, because the friction created by the gloved attracts pet hair, and you have to do less work. Whether you want to clean the mats or you want to de-hair your couch, you can rely on rubber gloves.

In case you fail to clean the hair using rubber gloves, then you can use a lint remover. Lint rollers work like a charm on pet hair, and it will surely assist you in removing the hairs from everywhere.

Clean the Stovetop and the Oven

Your oven and stove top will attract a lot of attention this festive season, as all the attendees are interested in eating something luscious. If your oven and stovetop are in bad shape, then it will leave a negative impact on the guests.

What you can do is use a paste of peroxide and baking soda, or you can also buy a cleaning detergent to clean the oven and stove top. A clean and welcoming kitchen is a way to make your guests happy and satisfied.

Focus On the Bed Sheets

It is quite evident that the guests need a place to relax and snuggle. And there is nothing better than a crisp and clean bed sheets. You need to wash and iron the bed sheets to make sure that these are ready to woo your guests.

In case you are unable to make up the bed ideally, then you can get some duvet with covers to make it an easy task.

Eliminate the Paper Trail

Scattered paper balls are not a thing of the past as most of us still like to write important things about paper. If you have a paper trail in your home, then it is time to eliminate it instantly. The best way to cope up with paper trail is by shredding it and then disposing of it in the right place.

What you can do is make a small box to keep the vital paperwork and shred the paper trail you think is not essential. Pets and children can also scatter a lot of paper stuff, which will make your home even messier.

No Unclean Dishes Allowed

The festive season is all about gathering and eating, and you cannot eat anything if you don’t have enough clean dishes. Piling up soiled and dirty dishes is only adding a lot of clutter in your kitchen. Moreover, it attracts microorganisms and bacteria, which is undoubtedly not a great thing.

Clean the dishes using a dishwasher to make sure that you are ready to cater to your guests with nothing less than the best.

Prepare the Rooms

Preparing the rooms is an essential aspect of ensuring that your home is clean on this festive season. You need to check whether the closets are appropriately arranged, and there is no mess in them. If you have a guest room in your home, then you need to clean it ASAP! Check if there is enough space in the closets where your guests can arrange their stuff.

Also, you can remove some unnecessary furniture from the guest bedroom to make it look spacious and tidy.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Air Vents

In the festive season, the use of stovetop and other appliances will increase, so it is ideal for cleaning the air vent to prevent any hassles. Clogged air vents can result in a lot of troubles like smelling the home, which is none of us want.

If you are unable to clean the air vents by yourself, then you should hire a professional agency that offers air vent cleaning services. Clean air vent will reward you with a neat and clean home all the time.

Final Words

It is vital for everyone out there to prepare their home for this festive season. These tips will assist you in quick and easy cleaning. Also, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed while cleaning.

Once you have done with the cleaning, check whether everything is perfect before you start welcoming your guests.

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