7 Habits To Keep The House Clean And Tidy

Keeping your house clean and tidy can turn out to be a nightmare if your rugrats (children) are undermining your every single cleaning move! 

It can be a drag to clean the entire home in a single swoop, as there is a multitude of things involved like window sills and light fixtures that are harboring dust and dirt.

If you are one of those folks that are dreaming of a spotlessly clean home without investing a whole day, then we have got something for you.

Here are some essential habits that will assist you in keeping your abode clean and tidy at all times! You can incorporate these habits into your daily schedule to avoid feeling overwhelmed while cleaning.

Make Your Bed Every day

No one can deny that the most visible part of your home is your bedroom. Your day starts with it and ends with it, so it is indispensable to keep your bedroom clean and tidy. The first thing you should do is make your bed as soon as you leave it to accomplish your daily life chores. An unmade bed not only looks messy but also it can attract a lot of dust and microorganisms.

If you are not comfortable in tucking a bed sheet neatly, then it is ideal to purchase a duvet that has a removable cover. Make your bed daily to ensure that your bedroom looks sophisticated and clean without much effort.

One Load Of Laundry Is Enough For The Day

Are your clothes scattered here and there inside your home? It adds a lot of clutter. And the life of your garments exposed to dirt. You should incorporate a habit of doing one load of laundry every day to bid farewell to the mess while opening the doors to cleanliness and tidiness.

Pop in a full load into the washing machine when you are heading out for work or any other purpose. Once you get back home, shift the weight to the dryer, and set the timer. Prepare the clothes for folding as you hear the dryer buzzer. Putting clean clothes away is also an important task.

You can make a list of what to wash to make sure that you are not spending much time on deciding the washing regimen.

Wipe the Faucets and Showerhead

You might be thinking that cleaning and wiping the showerhead will consume a lot of time. 

But it won’t!

If you decide to clean the showerhead and the faucet every day, then you can save a considerable amount of time. Wiping the showerhead and the walls will ensure that there is less or no soap scum formation (that can turn into a tough job if not cleaned on time). 

Also, head towards the faucet to clean it, and wipe it with a dry cloth to retain its finish.

You will notice that your bathroom is looking even cleaner without squandering a lot of time.

Clean the Mess after Every Meal

Your dirty and messy countertops in the kitchen are only attracting a lot of dust and rodents that will eat your leftovers in the bowl. Now is the time to focus on your dishwasher to ensure that there’s no mess left.

Load the utensils in the dishwasher to clean them. You can also clean the countertop; meanwhile, the dishes are getting cleaned.

There is no need to move away from everything placed on the countertop. Just put the easily movable items away, spray the cleaner, and wipe the countertop until it gets spotlessly clean.

Know the High-Traffic Zones of Your Home

Expert home cleaners say that you should clean the high-traffic zones of your home every other day, but it doesn’t seem realistic if you are juggling with other tasks! 

Get picky with the rugs and carpets and clean the high-traffic areas where you see pet hair, paper, scraps, and residues of dust.

If you clean the high-traffic zones regularly, then you can surely avoid dust scattering inside your home. It will merely take a couple of minutes to clean these zones, and you will be able to notice the instant boost in the cleanliness of your abode.

Empty the Dishwasher While Brewing Your Coffee

If you have ever emptied a dishwasher, then you may know that it will only take 5-7 minutes to do it. We advised you to wash the utensils after every meal, and now you have to empty the dishwasher every morning. You can do it while doing other tasks, which makes it a breeze.

When you empty the dishwasher, you are making sure that there are no dirty dishes piled up. Also, there is less chance of any household pests attacks that come attracted to the messy dishwasher and dirty dishes.

Clean It Up As You Go

You might be thinking that this is obvious, but this is something people forget to do! Cleaning as you go will ensure that your home looks neat and tidy all day. Don’t leave your iPad and clothes on the couch, and organize them at their respective places. It will also ensure that you will find your things quickly and on time, as everything kept in place.

Similarly, avoid the scrap paper to pile up in your home, and pass it through a shredder for the recycling process. You can also arrange the shoe cabinet to add cherries on the cake while making your home neat and clean.

Over To You

These are some essential habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle to make sure that your beloved abode looks squeaky clean. Also, you don’t need any professional tools for these activities, as most of them are meant to be done by hand.

Lastly, make sure to hire a reliable cleaning maid every month to ensure spotless cleaning., and these habits will help you to retain the cleaning. 

No matter how busy your life is, you can easily follow these habits while coping up with your hectic schedule.