How Much Does An Average House Cleaning Job Cost in Miami?

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Miami residents often have a lot of queries related to the cost of an average house cleaning job! We receive a lot of questions each day that we finally decided to pen it down through this article.

 If you are dwelling in Miami and wondering how much it would cost to hire a house cleaning maid, then here is something you must know.

First of all, the average house cleaning job cost depends on a multitude of factors that decide whether the price will add up, or it will decrease. For your ease, we are taking an example of a 2-bedroom apartment so that you can get an idea of the approximation cost.

Let’s get started!

How Much An Average House Cleaning Job Costs?

The average house cleaning cost in Miami is $100-110 for a one-bedroom apartment that includes the cleaning supplies, workforce charge, and the equipment handling cost. Similarly, if you have a two-bedroom apartment along with two bathrooms, then it will cost you somewhere around $180-200, which incorporates the use of premium cleaning products, bonded and insured staff, and full cleaning services.

These prices will fluctuate based on the amount of cleaning required and what type of services you have availed.

Generally, cleaning companies in Miami follow three approaches to price the cleaning job:

  • By the hour
  • By square footage
  • By number of rooms

By The Hour

If you choose to go with by the hour option, then the agency will charge you based on the total number of hours they have invested in cleaning the house.  The cost per hour will include everything like labor charges, cleaning supplies, and equipment charges. Usually, companies charge $20-40 per person per hour.

Make sure to ask the company beforehand whether the price is per person per hour or just per hour to avoid any hassles.

By Square Footage

Some cleaning agencies in Miami can charge based on the square footage of the area cleaned. They will calculate the total area covered by the square foot to determine the final cost. If you know the exact square footage of your house, then you can calculate the approximate cost.

By Number of Rooms

Lastly, some companies use the “number of rooms” strategy to calculate the price of the cleaning job. It is widely preferred in Miami because of the residents’ book cleaners based on the number of rooms they want to get cleaned.

“We have also used the same method to calculate the average cost of house cleaning in Miami, which includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one kitchen excluding taxes.”

Factors that Impact the Cleaning Cost

You will be surprised to know that some cleaning jobs only cost $100-150, whereas some jobs can cost between $250-300. It depends on what type of services the client has booked, and also varies with different agencies.

Type of Cleaning Service

There are three types of cleaning services:

  1. Light Cleaning
  2. Full Cleaning
  3. Deep Cleaning

Light cleaning includes minimal cleaning and dusting of the areas of the home. In contrast, deep cleaning involves comprehensive cleaning with stubborn stain removal. Light cleaning costs lesser, and deep cleaning is a bit expensive because there is a lot of effort required to deep clean a home.

Type of Cleaning Products

Alike to type of cleaning services, the type of cleaning products also has three categories:

  1. Mid-Grade Brand Products
  2. Premium Brand Products
  3. Eco-Friendly Products

This cost will add up in the cleaning supply section. If you choose mid-grade cleaning products, then the cost of cleaning will decrease. On the other hand, eco-friendly products cost more as they are made with all-organic materials.

Whom You are Hiring

The cost of cleaning will also depend on whether you are hiring an individual cleaning maid or working with a company. Usually, cleaning companies are a bit expensive. Still, you will get the assurance of trained and bonded staff, which is indispensable while hiring a maid.

Frequency of Cleaning

When was the last time you hired a professional maid for cleaning? If it was months before then this job will cost you a bit more because of the effort required for cleaning will be more. If you hire a cleaning maid regularly like weekly or monthly, then the cost can get lower.

Stubborn Stains

If the house has stubborn stains, then you need to upgrade the cleaning package,  which will impact the cost. The rise in the cost will depend on the number of stains, and how much effort is needed to exterminate them.

Add-on Services

Most of the residents of Miami often take some add-on services with their cleaning package. The additional cost will depend on how many extra services a client has availed and the class of cleaning services.

Should You DIY?

You might be wondering that it is better to do the cleaning by yourself following a DIY guide, but that is not a great idea. Cleaning a house requires you to invest in quality cleaning supplies. Also you need powerful cleaning equipment that is a bit costly than getting your home cleaned from a professional cleaning company like Maid Forever.

We charge our clients a reasonable price so that they can enjoy their free time while we are cleaning their house.

Wrapping it Up

All the costs listed above are an approximation based on current prices. These prices are prone to fluctuation based on the factors explained above. If you are looking to get your house cleaned in Miami, then Maid Forever is here to assist you.

We have a team of proficient cleaners in Miami that can reach your doorstep to deliver unmatched cleaning services.

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