How to Get Rid of Baby Stains Without Exhausting Yourself

Being a parent is a blessing and one of the beautiful feelings in the world! There is nothing more adorable than babies, but the stubborn stains on their clothes are surely not delightful. Babies produce a tremendous amount of stained and dirty laundry that needs cleaning on the go.

If you have just welcomed a baby and looking for a guide to get rid of baby stains, then this guide will assist you in every step. We know removing baby stains needs a lot of care as their clothing is made of delicate cloths.

Here are the steps you need to follow:


Before putting up the clothes for washing, you need to scrape off the stains by scrubbing the solid matter. Don’t let any stain thrive its roots on the cloth. As soon as you notice any stain, start cleaning it right away as it is a lot easier to remove fresh stains.

If you can’t deal with the stain right away, you can soak the stained clothes in cold water to ensure that it doesn’t spread further.

You can purchase a soft-bristled brush that is ideal for cleaning kids’ clothes. Make sure that your scrub it gently, as going too harsh, will ruin the fabric of the cloth.

Scrubbing off will help you in removing food stains, poop, and other stains.


Stains that come from food like carrots and potatoes can leave a permanent stain on the cloth. Scraping off won’t help as these are water-based. The best way to remove food stains is by soaking the stained fabric in water overnight.

Soaking helps in loosening the stain, and it’ll be much easier to get rid of it. Put a little amount of dish soap or pre-wash cleaner onto the stain and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse the cloth. Is the stain still visible? Repeat this process until the stain is completely gone before you finish washing the fabric.

After removing the stain, hang the cloth to let it dry.

Greasy Stains

Removing greasy stains is challenging as regular washing isn’t sufficient to battle them. Petroleum jelly, baby oil, and other creams can leave greasy marks on the clothes of your beloved. You will need to use talcum powder or cornstarch to absorb the oil. Scrape off the powder before tossing the cloth into the washing machine with your pre-wash cleaner.

Protein Stains

Protein stains are caused by breast or formula milk, spit-up, and baby food. You need an enzyme-based detergent to get rid of these stains. Spray the enzyme-based cleaner onto the protein stain before proceeding with your normal wash cycle.

It is recommended to use lukewarm water as it will preserve the “newness” of the fabric while removing the stain quickly.

Bleaching is a Great Idea

Before you throw the clothes in the dryer, check whether the stains are completely gone! If there are still any stubborn remnants, then it is time to take out the bleaching powder from the cabinet. Stains, when dried, become much more stubborn, so a pre-inspection is a wise idea to eliminate them.

Bleaching the cloth requires you to be attentive as it can harm the color of the fabric. Do not apply bleach on the colored fabric as it can destroy it. Let the bleach do its work, and then prepare the cloth for washing. Remember to wash off the bleach before putting the fabric into the wash. Using bleach too frequently can make the garment look pale, so do not use it too often.

How To Prevent Baby Stains?

The best way not to deal with baby stain is to avoid them.

Use Bibs

Using bibs while feeding your baby will help you in preventing any stains. Bibs can absorb drools, dribbles, and spills. You can use plastic bibs or waterproof bibs to protect your baby’s clothing from food stains.

Remove the Clothing

So you don’t have a bib right now, and it is time to feed your baby? You can remove the clothes of your baby and dressing him/her in shorts or just diaper before mealtime.

You can even destine a particular shirt for feeding purposes to protect other clothing from getting stained.

Happy Babying

Keeping the stains away contributes a lot to pamper your baby. These are some helpful tips you can use to remove stains without going through hassles. Also, make sure to keep your house clean and hygienic because it is ideal for babies.

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