Leave Your Guests Stunned With These Easy-Breezy Party Cleaning Tips

Planning for a party seems very easy, but cleaning for it is not! 

It would be best if you muster your home for the party so that the attendees get the best feel of the party while seeing your sparkling clean home. If you are planning to throw a party, then it is essential to clean your home before your guests arrive.

We know cleaning for a party seems a bit daunting, but we are here to make it easy for you. Here are some easy-breeze tips that you need to follow for a before-party cleanup.

Before anything, it is vital to make a list of things you need to do so that you can tick mark the things you have done.

  1.   Plan the cleaning
  2.   Brighten the doorway and windows
  3.   Attack the bathrooms
  4.   Clean the kitchen
  5.   Vacuum clean and mop the party area
  6.   Final touch-ups
  7.   Inspection

Plan the Cleaning

Planning is the foremost factor when it comes to cleaning. You have to plan the cleaning thoroughly so that you can cover each and every corner, and there is nothing left messy. You can take a pen and a paper to start making a list of the items you need to clean.

As your home is the party venue so you can leave some unessential things for a while like your bedroom, as no guests will go there. But some places like the bathroom and the kitchen are the centers of attraction, so you have to ensure that they are clean.

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Brighten the Doorway and the Windows

Sparkling clean windows portray that your house is clean, and you take special care of the cleaning. At the time of arrival, your guests will pay attention to the doorway and the surrounding windows. If your windows are dirty and there are cobwebs all around, then it is the time to take a broom for the cleaning.

You can use a window cleaning solution along with a cleaning wipe to clean the dirt and dust. Moreover, please pay attention to the curtains and toss them in the laundry before installing them again.

Attack the Bathrooms

Your bathrooms will be one of the most used places during the party, and you know the reason why! It is indispensable to clean the bathroom thoroughly from tiles to the countertop. Check whether there are enough bathroom supplies like toilet paper, and hand wash so that your guests don’t encounter any inconvenience.

Cleaning a bathroom can be hard, so we recommend hiring a professional expert for this task.

Clean the Kitchen

So you have decided to cook everything on your own? Excellent, it is a great idea to entertain your guests with home-made food. You might be well aware of the fact that a clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen, so you have to clean your kitchen as well.

A kitchen includes a number of items like an oven, countertop, fridge, dishwasher, and so on. Everything needs special care and cleaning.

But cleaning a bathroom can exhaust you as you have to mop the tiles while cleaning stubborn stains. Maid Forever is here to clean your bathrooms so that you can pay more attention to the decoration and other elements. We serve in Cape Coral and other cities in Florida.

Vacuum Clean and Mop the Party Area

Take a powerful vacuum cleaner and start cleaning the party area. Clean all the rugs and carpets so that there is no dust and pet hair visible on them. After vacuum cleaning, it is ideal to clean the floor with a disinfectant.

Mopping the floor will remove the stains and will leave a pleasant smell once the cleaner dries. You can use a bucket and a mop to do the cleaning. Also, Maid Forever is here to assist you in a time when you need someone reliable by your side.

Final Touch-ups

You might be wondering what is left as you have cleaned everything to make your home party-ready. It is always a wise idea to do final touch-ups so that your house looks spick and span. Clean the couch and make sure that there is ample seating space available for the attendees.

Also, declutter the areas you think your guests can visit while attending the party. An hour before the party time, spray a blossom mist in all corners to deodorize your home and to undermine any foul smell.


Lastly, you need to inspect the whole house with an eagle’s eye to ensure that there is nothing left to clean. Think like your guests and inspect everything thoroughly. You can also tick mark the list of cleanable items to make sure that everything is squeaky clean.

Final Words

We know cleaning for a party can be challenging as you have to arrange the decoration and eatables as well. At Maid Forever, we can share your burden of cleaning so that you can focus on other aspects as well.

Our professional cleaners are well aware of how to clean the house for a party. Moreover, we come equipped with our cleaning setup and supplies, so there is nothing left for you.

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