6 Easy Ways to Make Your Basement Immaculately Clean

Do you think that your basement needs a makeover, as it’s not looking neat and tidy? Well, the garage and the basement are the two most neglected areas of a home that needs immediate attention.

Before that dirt takes the form of stubborn grime and those rusty stains stay there for permanent, it is better to clean them.
We are here with six easy ways you can follow to make your basement tip-top so that it looks immaculately clean. Moreover, these six steps cover everything right from the floor to the shelves and the ceiling.

Declutter It

Commence the cleaning with decluttering the basement. Remove all the items you don’t need so that it requires fewer efforts to clean the floor. Make a list of the things you haven’t used for years and get ready with the garbage bin bags.

Either, place these items in the garage sale, or you can donate them to the need! There are a plethora of benefits of decluttering the basement, and you will see less dust accumulation. Also, the basement will look more spacious.

Dust the Shelves and Remove Stains

Most people hop directly on cleaning the floors right after removing the unnecessary stuff. But it is not a great move! When you dust those shelves after vacuum cleaning and mopping the floor, then you are increasing your cleaning workload.

Start with cleaning and dusting the shelves and pay some attention to the stains. Regular stain remover will work well with the stains, and you can dust the shelves with a vacuum cleaner or old rags.

Furthermore, remove all the cobwebs from the ceiling and the crannies behind the shelves.

Get Cleaning

Now it is the time to show the floor some love by cleaning it. There are multiple ways to clean the floor as it depends on factors like how dirty it is! The best way to clean the floor is by using detergent and ammonia solution.

Mix ¼ cup of ammonia in a bucket of lukewarm water and spread it all over the floor. Take a nylon brush and scrub the floor gently to clean the stains and dirt. It would be better if you vacuum clean the floor beforehand to ensure that there’s no dust left behind.

Also, add some bleaching powder to the cleaning solution if the floor is stinking. Bleaching powder acts as a natural fragrant, and it will freshen up the basement’s atmosphere.


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After cleaning the floor and other areas, it is the time to reorganize everything. It’s a good idea to place some bins in the basement so that you can throw the trash directly into it.


Before you leave the basement, it would be good to reassess the job. Check everything thoroughly to ensure that there’s no dust left behind.

Reassessing is a bit challenging as you are not there with a comprehensive cleaning checklist, so hiring professional cleaners makes more sense.

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Clean it Frequently

So you have finally cleaned the basement, and it’s looking sparkling clean? But there are chances that it will get cluttered again! To ensure that the basement remains in the best condition, you have to clean it frequently.

Your furry friend will sit on the floor scattering its hair, and your kids will surely do something to make the basement clutter, and it happens in every home. Follow these easy tips to clean the basement after some time, or you can get in touch with us if you need professional cleaning services.

Final Verdict

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