7 Cleaning Tips for the Folks that have a Furry Friend at Home

Having a pet at home means an inevitable mess! Yes, pets are love, but having one isn’t that easy, especially when it comes to keeping your house clean.

Those stains on the wall and fur rolling down the stairs might be a routine for you, but you can still make your home pristinely clean while enjoying a lot of prestigious moments with our furry friend.

Here are seven tips from professional cleaners that will surely help you in organizing your home if you own a pet.

Use duct tape to catch hair.

Catching pet hair is a daunting task because it is present everywhere around the house. From the sofa to the floor and the pet house, you will find chunks of hair scattered in every spot.

The best way to clean pet hair is by using a lint roller, but if you don’t have one, then using duct tape is a good idea. The stickiness of duct tape will surely stick the hair to it through any surface, and you will find cleaning the fur really easy.

Get a sponge and wrap duct tape around it; make sure to get the sticky surface outside so that it catches the pet hair. Now attach the sponge to a stick, and you have a DIY hair catcher to clean your home.

Grooming your pet is a must.

We know that cleaning pet hair isn’t easy, especially when you own more than one pet! Grooming the pet is an excellent idea as you can prevent your furry friend from scattering its fur in the home.

Some breeds are known to be heavy shedders, and if you also have a heavy shedder at home, then this tip is a must for you.

Get a pet grooming brush so that you can groom your pet regularly. The grooming brush will remove most of the hair so your pet won’t be leaving its traces behind.

Always keep stain remover at hand.

Even if you have a housebroken pet, mishaps tend to happen more than often, especially when kids get involved with pets.

Before the stains turn stubborn, you should clean them to make your home look spick and span. A spray can of stain remover ensures better cleaning before the stain dries. Furthermore, it will minimize the post efforts you have to invest in cleaning the stains.

If your pet has spilled coffee, then a regular stain remover won’t help. Check these tips to remove coffee stains effectively.

Still, finding it difficult to clean the stains? Let cleaners at Maid Forever help you!

Get a cover-up

So your pet loves to spend its day on the couch and night on your bed? How about getting a cover-up that you can use to protect the upholstery from pet hair and paws?

Cleaning the couch or any other area can be really challenging as you cannot use duct tape on it. Having a cover-up is a better idea, and you can remove it anytime to access the complete area.

It’s good to protect the upholstery rather than spending hours cleaning it over and over.

Use baking soda more often.

Baking soda is a natural odour and bacteria eliminator and if you own a pet then having baking soda at home is indispensable. From washing the pet bed to cleaning other areas in the house, baking soda will serve you with multiple benefits.

Pets can bring odour to your home with their muddy paws or soiled bed. Using baking soda to clean the pet bed will remove the odour and bacteria as well.

Make sure that the cover of the pet bed is washable before you toss it into the machine with a pinch of baking soda.

Clean collar and paws regularly.

Pets love to go on a walk and on their way they make sure to check out everything either by sniffing or stepping on it.

Always clean your pet’s collar and paws before it enters the home back after the walk. Those muddy paws can leave marks on the floor, and it would be a cleaning task for you.

Disinfect your home more often.

Have you ever disinfected your home? Well, having a pet means that your furry friend will bring bacteria and other stuff to the house that needs to be addressed with disinfecting and cleaning.

Pay more attention to the areas where your pet spends most of its day like the pet bed or any other specific area.

Disinfecting and cleaning a home can be hard. But you can make it easy with professional cleaners. Here’s how to choose the perfect cleaning service company to get your home disinfected and cleaned.

Summing it up

Pets are lovely, and having them around can make your day less stressful. You can make your day even enjoyable by having professional cleaners on board to clean your home.

At Maid Forever, we can make your home immaculately clean so that you can spend more time with your family and pet.

Our highly trained cleaners can clean pet stains and fur as well so you can expect a neat and tidy home after hiring cleaners with us.

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