Why Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are Every Cleaner’s Favorite

Are you curious to know why microfiber cleaning cloths are the favorite of every cleaner? Well, there are many reasons why professional cleaners love to use it for cleaning.

 Most folks think that these cleaning cloths are just famous because of the hype, but the reality is different! With this article, you’ll find out why the cleaning industry loves using a microfiber cloth, and why you should also use it while cleaning your house. 

What is a microfiber cloth?

So you don’t know what a microfiber cloth is and you haven’t used one before? Let us help you with a brief! These cloth towels are made using a combination of polyester and nylon. The fibers are thinner than a human hair.

When polyester and nylon are pierced together, they form a piece of cloth with net traps to catch dust, dirt, and moisture. The static charge on the cloth attracts dust and dirt, so these are effective cleaners for a variety of surfaces. 

Where Can You Use a Microfiber Cloth?

Can you use this cleaning cloth everywhere? Well, no! But you can use it for different areas inside your house to clean a plethora of surfaces. From chrome handles to mirrors, and a glass microfiber cloth will make these surfaces spick and span. 

Let’s explore the places where you can actually use the towel for cleaning.


A microfiber cloth can help you get rid of the soap scum accumulated on the shower tiles. Wet the cloth and scrub it on the tiles to make them spotlessly clean.


Get all the grime and gunk off the appliances using some water and cleaning cloth! Furthermore, you can use the cloth to clean stainless steel handles, cabinets, etc. 


This cleaning cloth has trapping pockets that attract the dirt and dust towards it. You can scrub microfiber cloth to dust the glass, tiles, cabinets, and much more without using a duster. Also, you can follow these seven habits to keep your house clean and tidy.

Benefits of Using Microfiber for Cleaning 

Apart from efficient cleaning, there are tons of benefits of using a microfiber cloth. Here are some benefits that come attached to using this cleaning cloth.

Less Falls and Slips 

Floors cleaned using these towels tend to dry faster, so there will be no residual water that can cause anyone to fall or slip accidentally.

Superb Cleaning 

Due to the net-like structure, these cleaning cloth pieces trap dust and dirt. Also, microfiber is far better than cleaning mops when it comes to cleaning dust.


You can’t get any allergies from using the cleaning cloth, so every cleaner loves to use it.


When compared to cotton mops, microfiber excels at durability. Yes, buying the cleaning cloth may be a bit expensive, but these are durable and last longer. So, in the long run, using it will be a better investment.

Dries Quickly 

Microfiber cloth dries 60% faster as compared to other cleaning and mopping cloths. You don’t have to wait the whole day to get the cloth dry as it only takes a few hours, and the cloth is again ready for cleaning.

How to Take Care for the Microfiber Cloth?

So you have decided to bring some towels to make your house squeaky clean? Excellent, but to enhance the life of the microfiber cleaning cloth, you need to follow some preventive measures.

Avoid using detergent and cleaning agents while washing the cloth as it can damage it in many ways. Moreover, don’t toss cotton and microfiber cleaning cloth together in the laundry.

Collect all the microfiber towels and wash them together. Use the cold setting on your washing machine and air dry the towels after washing.

Final Thoughts 

There are umpteen benefits of using a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Also, these are the reasons why every professional cleaner loves to use it while cleaning. At Maid Forever, we use the best microfiber towels, and you can expect excellent house cleaning in Miami from us.

Furthermore, our trained cleaners are well versed in using these cleaning supplies, so we’ll make your home pristinely clean.

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